Dissolving the Marriage

Legal Separation

A legal separation allows co-parents to establish a Parenting Plan and Child Support Orders, but does not legally dissolve the marriage.

Dissolution (Divorce)

Whether you are ready to file, or have just been served with papers, your lawyer can help guide you through this acutely stressful time.

Divorce doesn’t just mean litigation (court). It can also mean:

  • Coming up with your own agreement and hiring an attorney to draft and file the paperwork;
  • Reaching agreement on most things, and working with a trained attorney-mediator to help reach a settlement out of court;
  • Collaborative divorce, which involves hiring a single attorney to represent both parties, and meeting with a financial advisor, parenting coach, and other experts (as needed) to arrive at an informed agreement out of court; or
  • Filing a contested divorce, but settling (agreeing on) the the terms of the divorce well before court hearings are needed.

Parenting Plans

A Parenting Plan is designed to put your children first. Work with your lawyer to create a durable plan that works for everyone.

Child Support

Child support is awarded based on a state-mandated formula, although sometimes, deviations are available.