Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my consultation?

The consultation gives Kate a chance to get to know you better. She will learn more about your legal issue, and let you know how she can assist. You can talk about next steps together, and map out a plan. If you are interested in hiring, she will also give you a quote for services.

What should I bring with me to my consultation?

Please be sure to arrive on time, so that we can maximize the time we have set aside. If you have an existing case, knowing your case number will be helpful. Please come with a goal in mind, so that we can focus right away on the results you want to achieve.

Will the information I share with you always be kept confidential?

YES! Confidentiality is always a priority.

Do you require payment up front? What will my retainer be?

During our initial meeting, we will determine what your retainer (advance payment of fees) will be. The amount of your retainer depends on the complexity of your case, and is essentially an estimation of how much work we think your case will require. We cannot begin work on your case until you have made an initial payment.

​Flexible payment options are available for those who qualify.