Divorce, Decoded: A Multi-Part Series

Recently, a smart colleague of mine in the mortgage business told me that he is scared of lawyers. This was over breakfast with me, a lawyer. It was a funny moment, but brought to mind another recent experience: I was explaining the divorce process to a friend (who was about to embark upon it herself), and almost none of it made sense to her. The concepts I was communicating were simple, but I was using jargon and legal terms without even realizing it. I think that both of these stories illustrate the same problem: the legal process, with its indecipherable vocabulary, unclear consequences, perceived loss of autonomy for the client (if they don’t understand what is going on), is scary. It can make a person feel out of control of their own life.

This series will take you through, step-by-step, the process of divorce in Missouri. It will not teach you how to do it yourself (I wish that were possible), but it will arm you with information about your options, what to expect, when not to panic, and when to manage expectations.

The law is not scary. Check back for Part 1: Initial Pleadings.