Divorce, Decoded: So Many Options!

Has anyone seen A Marriage Story?

The movie is sad, and beautiful, and moving, and the bit where Adam Driver sings “Being Alive” at the end deserves an Oscar in itself.

But its portrayal of the divorce process, and of divorce lawyers, was appalling. The clients seemed to be carried along by their lawyers’ plans for them; the characters didn’t seem to understand the process or their options other than litigation (court); and, worst of all, the lawyers ramped up the hostility and tension between two people who once loved each other. This way of practicing law is bad for the parties, and harmful to children– not to mention expensive.

When a couple is ready to divorce, they have so many options for how to achieve their desired outcomes. The talented lawyers at my firm, The Center for Family Law, created this simple graphic to outline process options, and the graphic explains this topic far better than I could in words. Please take a moment to check it out:


You will notice that only one option is litigation, while the other three are amicable, economical, and can allow parties to reach an informed agreement while avoiding court altogether.

Before embarking on this journey, please be aware that divorce doesn’t need to be an adversarial, hugely expensive process in which the client lacks control.