What Our Clients Say

Integrity, Brilliance, Discretion, Tenacity, Humility, Excellence

As a professional in the area of high conflict divorce and custody where addiction, violence and personality disorders are at play, I have had the privilege of supporting many families through eviscerating circumstances towards peace.

As a result, I have also had the experience of working with over a hundred family law attorneys. Often family law attorneys are overextended and commit to being hired by clients they know they aren’t a good fit for. Or allow themselves to be hired and when the case exceeds their expertise continue without bringing in others to the team that could best support their client.

Ms. Stapleton is the opposite of the above stated common scenarios.

Ms. Stapleton is the quintessential professional in addition to being compassionate, brilliant and caring. Part of being brilliant is knowing when your efficacy could use subject matter experts with deep well knowledge in areas that will benefit your client. Ms.Stapleton adds subject matter experts to her team, frequently at her own expense, to make sure everything being attended to is beyond reproach and/or sustainable argument.

This is not common. Upon countless occasions I have seen attorneys commonly take on a case even knowingly outside their expertise and after things are underway – tell the client to research their options or circumstances. The last thing a client needs is a highly paid hired expert to out resource their work back to them- particularly amidst such distress where basic daily survival is an accomplishment. Ms.Stapleton would never, I repeat, never abandon a client or resource legal work back to them.Most attorneys over extend themselves to keep their billable time optimal, at the sacrifice of their client.

Ms.Stapleton would never do this. She maintains a client base that allows maximum efficacy to the point you truly feel you are her only client. In addition to being a professional in the field, I have been one of Ms.Stapleton’s clients. My case was complex, nuanced, lengthy- and took unexpected twists into the need for immediate protective orders for myself and my children due to unanticipated violence and other types of criminal conduct.Ms.Stapleton was unflappable. She brought in additional experts deftly and stayed ahead of the situation. With Ms.Stapleton I knew I was being advocated for and that beyond all else she truly had the best interest of myself and my children in mind.

Hire her. You will be grateful to yourself for doing so. I guarantee it.

— Stephanie

“The BEST attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family! Kate consistently stayed on top of our case, maintaining the integrity of our case even during difficult times experienced by my family. Her professionalism is above par and I would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

— Peter

“I have had the opportunity to get to know firsthand Ms. Stapleton’s legal ability, work ethic, and people skills. Ms. Stapleton is simply exceptional in all areas. Her clients adore her and she is very diligent in her representation of her clients. I would not hesitate to hire her if you are looking for a top notch divorce lawyer who will have your back and will work hard for you.”

— Michael Maltby, Attorney