Guiding women through tough situations.

Kate has joined the Center for Family Law. Address and all contact information remain the same.

“My ex won’t work together with me on co-parenting.”

“I feel ready for divorce, but don’t know where to start. I’m afraid of what my family’s future could look like.”

“My ex keeps sending me angry texts. It makes me feel threatened and undermines my trust in him.”

“I have no idea what my rights are. My spouse has threatened to take our kids away from me– can he do that?”

“I feel anxious, scared, and confused.”

Sound familiar?

Regardless of the situation, family law cases give rise to feelings of vulnerability, uncertainty, and fear. The family and life we have built don’t feel secure.

My job is to educate clients about the laws that protect them from the perceived (but not legitimate) threats, and work with the client to take back control and create a game plan to navigate any potential stumbling blocks between the client and her intended future. We work side by side to assess the client’s priorities, come up with realistic expectations, and then I help guide her through the legal process while preserving her peace of mind.

During the process, I am the client’s advocate, protecting the client’s rights while striving to minimize short- and long- term trauma to parents and children.

Professional Biography

For her entire career, Kate has focused her practice on Family Law. Kate is an experienced trial attorney, with five years of litigation work including complex custody agreements; high asset divorces including business valuations; abuse issues; multi-state custody cases; and military divorces. Kate was a military spouse herself, and interned with the JAG corps during law school. As such, she has a unique and robust understanding of military benefits and their correct allocation at divorce. Before starting her firm in 2016, Kate was an Associate Attorney at a well-regarded Tacoma, WA family law firm. There, she learned how to deliver quality results while treating all parties with dignity and respect.

Kate’s personal dedication to her clients is evidenced by her past work with the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii, the Immigration Clinic at St. Mary’s University School of Law, and by her ongoing involvement with Legal Aid of Eastern Missouri. She is a member of the Missouri Bar Association, the Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater Saint Louis, and the Family Law Section of the Missouri Bar Association. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Solo and Small Firm Committee of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis.

Speaking Engagements

March 11, 2020: Allocation of Military Property and Benefits at Divorce: Decoding all Those Acronyms. Presented to the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis.